Catastrophe Claims

With a solid plan in place, recovery can begin immediately following any catastrophic event. Our performance is tied directly to proper planning as well as having secured a clear understanding of our clients’ guiding principles and objectives. IMS Catastrophe Services’ consistently high-level performance as a result of large-scale catastrophic events, continues to enhance our outstanding reputation year after year.

An important aspect of this success is embracing new ideas and innovative technology, along with the ability to implement the appropriate solutions. IMS assigns dedicated claim adjusters to a specific client resulting in streamlined reporting, accelerated closing, and higher customer satisfaction.

IMS has been committed to providing quality claim-adjusting services since 1992. The 2004 Hurricane Season provided a true picture of our performance and customer satisfaction. IMS successfully handled over 68,000 losses within four months. Five satellite storm offices were set up to assist our clients in each location affected. Hurricane Katrina, Wilma, and Ike offered even greater challenges, but with focused dedication IMS still produced exceptional results. IMS was able to secure professional claim-adjusting resources for all business partners. Respectively, 37,000, 53,290, and 23,570 claims were concluded for these 3 large-scale Hurricane events.

Since then, IMS has resolved an additional 86,000+ claims resulting from more major catastrophic storm events including the East Coast, Superstorm Sandy, Hurricanes Hermine, Matthew, Harvey, Irma, Florence, and Michael. The 2020 Hurricane Season had 7 landfalling systems with IMS closing over 12,300 claims. The  2021 Hurricane Season resulted in 6 landfalling with IMS closing over 14,000 claims. And the 2022 Hurricane IAN made landfall in Southwest Florida with IMS resolving over 11,000 claims.

IMS has never wavered from our core philosophy of maintaining the highest professional standards and is a proven industry leader.